The Virus of Revelation


The doors were locked, we were all undeniably trapped.
The murmurs of crowds rang in our ears
With the memories of socialization.
We wanted to unlock the doors,
We wanted to unveil our older faces.
But even in the midst of an unseen attacker,
The grass still grew, and the sun came up.
That was when reflection dawned upon me,
And I saw the world more beautifully than before.
The grass was greener than before,
The sun brighter than before,
My thoughts deeper than before.
The outside my home, the inside where I lay my head;
I did not hide my face,
And it did not mature,
For it was not unseen to the skies bluer than before.
The virus of revelation caught my head
In a bundle of worries to dread my future’s dependency
On what might happen today in my teenage years.
Whether I could grow in maturity in the eyes of others,
Was not up to me, but only up to those who watched.
The unseen virus, deadly though it be,
Never separated my gaze from the whitest clouds
That any child had ever set their eyes upon.
The virus of revelation, both in heart, mind, and eyes
Had made the world undeniably, exceedingly brighter.

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