The Virus That Defines Me

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a lawyer,
I was told that if I didn’t study law,
The next best choice would to be a doctor,
Without the honor of awards and achievements,
I wouldn’t be a good daughter.
When I grew up, I wanted to be invisible,
I was told that I was a virus,
The next best choice was to leave the country,
Where my existence wasn’t judged with a bias.
When I grew up, I saw my skin,
I saw the color and the difference that existed on the surface,
Not within.
When I grew up, I heard the president,
The position I used to hold with the highest regards,
Speak against my color with disgusted remarks.
“The chinese virus”, “the kung flu”,
They no longer asked me for help in school.
To do their homework,
To help them study,
To them I was just a stereotype,
Whether it be a smart mind or a contagious body.
When I grow up, I want to be someone new,
Without borders and expectations,
Without the fear of being judged upon fixation.
When I grow up, I hope that the actions of those with a color similar to mine,
Will no longer define me as a brainiac or a disease by design.

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