The Voice

The voice grew silent, as he rose to his feet,
And began the chase on this darkest of streets.
As the officer ran harder, and the closer he gained,
The will and the want of the malefic man drained.
He stopped and spun for one final attempt,
To fire at the officer with hellish intent.
The cop's heart pounded, his adrenalin raced,
But he remembered the voice that said he'd stay safe.
In the midst of full sprint with his holster undone,
The officer drew and fired his gun.
Into the man's gut, the bullet had slammed,
And luckily for this cop, the man's gun had jammed.
It's been some time since that fateful of nights,
And the officer has since seen numerous frights.
But reflecting back, as he frequently does,
He can't help but wonder what truly it was,
That protected his life and gave him the strength
To prevail in his struggle at any length.
Then he paused and thought that he heard it again,
The voice from the past that to him did befriend.
"I am your angel, dispatched by God
Your guardian, protector, wherever you trod.
For your character and courage are both tried and true,
Your people still need you--their protector in blue."

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