The Voice

You called me beautiful the other day,
and for the first time ever in my life I actually believed it.

I don't know if It was the way the word slipped effortlessly
and without a second thought or hesitation out of your mouth.

But it ricochet through out my whole body,
but of course first hitting my heart,
like a .22 40 grain bullet
better known as the 223 Remington 40gr.

You strucked me

Testifying that the smallest words and objects do the most damage
And as crazy as it might sound I didn't come to get touched

I came to support my friend,
I didn't come for a healing or get that awkward but special feeling
I got once I heard you start to singing.

Leaving me speechless

So in your words with a little revision,
Thank You to a beautiful person with a beautiful voice

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