The Voice That No One Knows

The voice that no one knows creeps inside my head and torments me
I'm losing it I'm believing you
You're convincing me I'm yours again
Friend or foe It's hard to know a controlling monster a caring friend
Are you warning me to control me, or do you truly love me
The voice that no one knows others try to overhear but it's too low
A humming that only I understand
For such a tiny voice you have a lot of demands
Your survival depends on feeding on inner hope
Taking away what humans need to cope
You see we all at one time acquired dreams
Accomplishing them was only a matter of if we believed
So we dreamed big we dreamed tall never imagining how they would fall
Until one day the voices told us how dreams are killed by foes
He says even when the host tries to fight the war is all in spite
There are no winners dreams will kill you
A warning I am no longer wanting to heed what if I'm different voice
What if I can accomplish my dreams?
Someone once told me you are an enemy
One I wouldn't expect you are inside of me
So is a heart and a mind and they all betray us from time to time
They call you depression they say you're killing me
My survival is doing the same to you so I ask you kindly set me free
I've heard if you love something set it free do this one favor for me
If you will not go by your own will I'll have to use my force
It's a difficult course but one in willing to take
To set myself free and accomplish my dreams silence!

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