The Voice

Eyes became shut, and
The voice started to scoundrel her.
It got louder as it came closer.
The walls were closing in,
And there wasn't anywhere to go.
She was trapped in a corner
While the overpowering beating on the door
Was about to make it fall over.

Crying, praying, and begging all at once,
But nobody could hear her sorrows,
She was confined within where
There were no windows.

She felt hopeless and wanted to disappear,
But there wasn't anywhere to escape.
The voice became distant and faint.
It felt like it was all over,
But as she stood up the door fell on her.

And it was not.

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This Poems Story

All of my poems are inspired by the things I personally went through. I feel like there isn't a better way of expressing yourself than writing your thoughts down. My poems may give you a story, but they give me power because the person who is in these poems survived.