The voices

Can you hear the voices?
Can you hear their cries?
Do you know there here with me?
Watching you through my eyes
Do you know there in my head?
Do you know sometimes they take control?
Do you know there’s more than one of me!
Do you know I have three souls?
I have hopes, dreams, and disappointments.
They talk to me you know
Tell me to do bad things
It really scares me
When one of them starts to sing
Knock knock in my head
Bang bang I want you dead
I’ll kill your family and your friends too,
But what i really want to do is kill you
I did try to ignore them
I swear at first I tried
But I can get rid of them
There always watching from inside
What’s that?
What did you say?
You want me to kill them?
To make them pay?
Don’t be scared
They can be your friends too
Well they could be.. But
they have asked me to kill you
They are in my head laughing
They want you dead
But i’m going to let you off
And kill myself instead

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