The Voices in the Shadows

Who will save us?
who will save us from the bullets of poverty?
who will stop this bleeding?
This blood that drips from our dry lips.

Who will look upon the emptiness in our hearts?
Who will speak on our behalf?
What voice will put on gumboots,
trek to the rocks and not faint?
Whose voice will leave a letter of our lamentations?

Who will tell them that they have eaten enough?
How will our famished voice reach the top of their mansions?
How will it reach them in their planes, up in the sky?

How will they see that our tears are all we have left to dine with
when the fats of greed has blinded their eyes?
How will they see that Garri has become our gold?

Must we plant apple trees before they change?
Must we send Amaka to deliver our rage?
How then would they turn a new leaf?
How then would we make them leave?

Tell me my people.
How shall we be saved?
Who will save us?
Who will take our pains and make us free once again?

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This Poems Story

The poem is all about the sufferings and hard times individuals, specifically, Nigerians are going through and the burns that lay in their heart.