The Vow

You use me,
when we are both alone.
In the bedroom,
no witnesses at home.

We have no children
that hold us together,
just a wedding ring
that is unfaithful forever.

You throw me against the walls.
I never know why you are in that mood.
Since the beginning,
I was never good enough for you.

I can’t remember how it started
or when it began,
but your drinking scared me.
That’s when I ran.

For two months,
I never returned home,
but you are a controlling man
who could never let go.

From that day on,
I never left.
For you, are a lot more
frightening than death.

You make others jealous
when we are not alone.
If only they knew the truth
behind closed doors at home.

One moment, filled with
love and protection.
Another, filled with your
inner monster of deception

“I love your tears.”
you used say.
I needed help,
so I started to pray.

I begged for a sign,
I decided to wait.
But that’s when I figured,
it was already too late.

I hate him.
He kills me inside.
I took matters in my own hands
and paid the price.

Why must I be
an obeying wife?
I vowed to this man
that I would serve him for life.

He says he is sorry,
so he kisses my cheek.
But he does this every night,
and goes to sleep.

I don’t know how to tell him,
or what he will do.
There is a fetus in my belly;
I have to consider us two.

In society, they say:
“Men have needs.”
So I will keep quiet and
let him do as he shall please...

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