The Vulnerability of Love

This abstract thing we call love is never truly understood.
Sometimes the word is released from one’s lips but the emotion is never
felt by the speaker.
The profound meaning behind the emotion only grows weaker.
Love was stripped from its natural form until it finally became naked.
It is exposed and susceptible to manipulation,
Slowly deteriorating as a result of constant infiltration.
Now in a completely vulnerable state,
It is only useful as a disguise,
Covering up the true feelings that continue to stay hidden in one’s eyes.

Love is rare.
Love has one name.
But as a result of human nature,
This name is applied to thousands of emotions that are not deserving of
such a name.
Maybe the intangible aspect of love is what makes it so complex.
One cannot completely understand it because it cannot be grasped.
The inability to take what we feel and materialize it,
The inability to hold our feelings in the palm of our hand,
Is what causes us to confuse our true feelings with love.

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