The vulnerable flesh

I am tired of hating your bad ways
I am tired of shouting; wanting to be heard
When can I expect my husband to come back?
I know your anger and perforations you create in my soul
Says it all…
You are no longer here.

When can I expect to be treated with respect?
When can I expect to be valued as a woman?
A human being,
A mother of your daughter,
Who one day will become a woman like me?
The vulnerable flesh, the weak mind,
The flesh that bears all things from a man.

Will the day come suddenly like a nasty infection?
Or will it give me warning like the dawning day?
Should I hold on to what’s left of you?
Or should I let go and drift away?

If I leave, will you follow?
Or will you stab my soul until I die?
Will I have the strength to bear this a lifetime?
Or will my body betray my will to withstand?

Can you honestly say this is all there is?
Why do you need a prisoner?
When you keep digging your own grave?
When are you going to stop?

I have had enough.
I want to disappear.
I cannot stand it here anymore.
It hurts to even take a breath.

I want to crawl out of my skin.
I want to change my face.
I want to start anew.
A new me, for me and my mini me.

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