The Wailing Soul

I was once a curious soul
Who believed in the beauties of the world
Enchanted by the stories I was told
Believed in humanity that can't be unfold

Now it hurts the truth, reality that becomes my foe
I have questioned the truth
Is this the world I used to believe
Or is this a world filled with mischief?

I believe in greatness and integrity
But what is this?
We've become cowards and lost out dignity
To what this world has become is some I wish to undone.

This is not you!
Who is hurting you?
Do not run, I mean no harm
This corrupted world, what should be done?

A thief who is proud to be thief
A liar, now they call it a gift
You are gifted but called you a freak
You have fought to survive but they buried you alive
In this dirt, tell me
How can I rest six feet down the earth?

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