The charm of heaven veiled by treacherous blaze,
A blood curdling sight preceded by haze:
An eerie wind embraces the devil
It’s freezing arms around his clavicle.
But the helpless, desperate air
Forced to serve the confounded’s heir.
Endless red tides rolling toward him
Greed suffer’d his intellect to be dim.
Hark! Every gravel moans in vain,
Unheard due to the deafening complaint,
That the destroyer deserves more,
Than just unparalleled nature galore.
Which he calls petty,
But which could wipe him from the face of earth
Hardly with a second glance
If it was set free.
Yet we staunchly stand,
Saying that we are restrained by our land:
But in reality, shackled to our vices-
Oh! How often I think that we should be bound,
Lest we should minaciously hound
On the supreme eccedentesiast
Which toils on to save us from catastrophe’s grasp.
Wilderness is the only elixir of life,
Which for our sake has undergone prodigious strife;
For nefariously he reaps,
All that nature tirelessly heaves.
But have we ever repaid it’s love?
No! Because we cannot give our insensitivity up
And thus, we lackadaisically wait,
For the quintessence of death to abate.
It’s strange how we are preoccupied
In cutting the roots of our life;
How can we be so ruthless?
That we silently witness,
The gory execution of our green heart
Which would leave mankind haphazard.
Human nature is deceitful
Much unlike mother earth’s cool.
A gloom cast over the timeless charmer,
Who yearns for his knight in shining armour:
The dark skies part to herald a ray of brilliance
Only handful care for a look, not such a nuance.
Then comes through a feeble wail,
Like a warning call before the hail.
A muffled voice, I could not make out,
Of conscious effort, like that of a shout:
I strained hard to hear,
The estranged soul, overcome by fear.
Splash! An enormous drop on my cheek
A sober relief from great grief.
The voice continued to echo,
I felt my senses numb
But need to hear grow.
Yet dolefully, I gave up hope
As I saw the lake and rain elope:
Suddenly a dark figure lured toward me,
And came close enough for me to see
That it was a dear one,
With an umbrella as a torrent had begun
And on his lips was the same name,
That the wail had tried to proclaim!
A cold drop trickled down my spine,
‘‘To think, the name was mine!’’
I heard the purposeful wail again,
A whimper of help, by someone in pain-
No longer vague.
Then came a booming cry;
Lightning shone in my eye.
Sometimes deliberate words cannot convey,
What nature’s fury in an instant may.

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