The wait

I wait and wait all day long
Not at all tired of the same song
Which I sing without a break
Without a pause and without a shake
My heart has hardened into a stone
Due to the crystals of tears unknown
To the world but not to me
Since I live in it to see
Everything around me gets amends
But it is my wait that never ends
My eyes have swollen and have dried
And have forgotten all their pride
I wait patiently as seasons change
With my life being peculiar and strange
Everyone around takes notice of me
But I’m forgetting my own existence, I see
My mind is entirely in the wait
Which of late has become my trait
I witness the blooming of a bright blossom
Which I would have felt, truly awesome
But today I stand emotionless
With evaporated anxiety at a mess
Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I weep
But never I go into anything too deep
Days, weeks, months and years pass by
Ha! But it is my pains that never die
Successes and failures now mean nothing to me
Oh! How badly I wish the wait to be
Gone far away from my dear life and
Broken into pieces among the sand
Now, I don’t know for what to wait
The wait itself or to break the trait
But I have a little streak of hope
Which binds me together like a rope
My mind is entirely in the wait
Which of late, has become my trait.

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This Poems Story

I wrote this poem as I got tired of waiting for something, still waiting for it!