The Waking Lake

The water was clear this day.
The sun shone on it and caused the ripples to glisten.
The ripples moved to and fro and small waves would collect,
bounce, and splash against the shore.
The activity of waves created a dance
and the glistening water moved forward and back.
With gradualness it revealed the face of the beautiful woman.
Her nose and cheeks appeared above the sand and then her lips.
I was sure she was speaking though her lips never parted.
Then in rhythm with the glistening waves
her eyes peered up into the sun.
Oh beautiful woman dare I know you.
She never stood still, she moved in rhythm but she grew larger.
Sand clinging to her and sand dropping off to the side,
her knees raised ever so high.
Elegant legs, making great strides, onto the beach,
sun in her hair, sun on her feet.
Oh beautiful women where do you go?
With clarity and with vision I am certain I know.

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