The Walking Fish

Upon the beach there sat a fish.
Who wiggled and wished, he writhed he kicked.
Who propped himself upon his fin.
Till finally baby steps begin.
It slipped and slid back to the water.
Yet barreled back then teeter tottered.
But gripped the ground and gave a gasp.
This stubborn fish could walk at last.
He hopped and hipped and jumped for joy.
The ground was now his favorite toy.
So with pleasant pride he got his wish.
He had become the walking fish.
He strut and strode across the lands.
Gentle fins gave way for hands.
When swimming fish all saw his walk.
They gasp they grin they goof the gawk.
Then a tiny fish swam up at last.
Said "hey walking fish, now not so fast."
It turned to greet what truly seemed.
The smallest fish he'd ever seen.
"How can you walk?"the babe now asked.
No fish or friend has in the past.
Now lots of fish began to gather.
To hear them chime to hear their chatter.
He Said "Listen closely it goes like this."
Thus became more walking fish.

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