The Wall

This wall of stone, I built to protect me when I'm all alone
Nobody is going to tear me down
See that's where you messed up baby
Because what goes around comes back around
Trying to read me, tripping about what you see
But you can't believe there's a wall in front of me

There's no time for regret, well better yet, I'll keep pushing through
Not revealing the healing I'm dwelling
Back up man! I refuse to be hurt again
Swallowed the key to my heart when I wanted to depart
To take time to find myself, my spiritual being, and life's meaning

This wall built out of stones
Surrounding this heart-shaped muscle between my bones
Consistently pounding
Craving for the wind that blows, resisting the feeling within
Damn wall won't let anyone in
Love blocked, trust blocked, caring locked in

All these cuts people have caused
Healing, these Band-Aids I'm pealing
But never again
When this wall keeps that pain from beginning once again.

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