The Wall Of Lost Souls Of Vietnam

Have you ever seen the wall? That is the Vietnam Wall.
I have seen this wall,
I have touched the wall and have felt those lost souls flow threw my hand. These were the souls that were tragically taken.
There souls can not rest.
Their families can't stop grieving over them.
These Souls are our heros of our country.
I know a Vietnam Veteran his name is Guy Jones,
He is my father, He is just not my father but also a loving husband.
My father made thus country the way it is today. Because of him and all our other veterans our children are safe. I am proud and lucky to have him as my father and the grandfather of all my children. But most of all because he is my dad.
I am daddy's little girl,
Vietnam Veterans are forever thought of and loved and prayed for in my heart.
The wall does not have my fathers name on it, He was one of the lucky ones.
Once a soldier always a soldier.
this poem is dedicated to my father, my hero, this is a proud daughter of a vietnam .

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This Poems Story

this poem is dedicated to all Vietnam Veterans and our lost soldiers. This poem is also dedicated to my real life hero, my father he is a Vietnam Veteran. And this is my appreciation to all who have served in the past, present, and our future. Thank you for serving our country, and thank you for your sacrifice. From one military family to another. Thank You!!!!