The Walls Slaved to Blue

I admired a girl who
Dressed in powder blues
And smiled to herself
During quiet lectures,
Often I squeezed my eyes
To see what she was smiling at
I wondered if she was
Painting the walls with her eyes;
Blooming winters over drowsy whites,
I thought about them endlessly
She sketched flowers up her fingers
But it was the walls I longed to see
I thought of asking but
She always seemed lost in her strokes;
I imagined her plastering seas
Of peaches and lilacs, and birds
I smiled too; how silly it
Must look to watch birds fill a classroom

In time her powder blues
Sought deeper water;
I knew they found it
Because dark navy seemed fond of her now,
Canvassing the soft fabrics underneath her eyes
I wondered what the walls
Looked like to her now;
Perhaps she had to put the
Birds back because she hardly smiles

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