The Wanderers

You are like an onion, that one had said,
So many layers, too many layers,
And I am losing patience and I am losing

How wrong can one person be?
How misguided and arrogant, impatient and dismissive?
Conqueror without a kingdom, monarch
Without a throne.

These walls, you see, are not for the scaling;
This fortress, hear me, is not for the taking;

There are no serf, and no servants;
No kings, no courtesans;

Stomp away, rant and scream, you have long lost me;
That is, If ever you did have me.

And as the scorned disappears,
These walls, you see, they will crumble;
This fortress, hear me, will disappear;

In time, another one will come;
I won’t know him and yet, I will.
He grabs my hand, and kisses my cheek;
He speaks softly and keeps me still.

No sword needed, no shield to yield;
No call to arms, no fight, no scream;
Silence is not an enemy;
Complication is not a currency.

There are no rules, they’re not needed;
Not in this time and not this time;
Not in this place, not in this state.

The Wanderers have met, their paths have joined,
It’s a moment in time,
she thought would never come.

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