The Wandering & Broken Soul

I've traveled everywhere,
Trying to find the stairs,
That leads me away from sadness and despair,
I just can't seem to find a key,
That could release my heart and set me free,
I would give up my possessions,
I'd sell my soul too,
I would give it all away in exchange for a clue,
Just give me directions, tell me where to go,
so I can stop traveling on this dark and gloomy road,
As I walk the path with no one by my side,
My ears are poisoned,
By the screams that my soul has cried,
I am not who I used to be,
I have drastically changed,
My heart has been broken, torn, then rearranged,
I am stuck in shackles and chains,
Struggling as I continue, conceived with my own agonizing pain,
Everyday I walk an endless street,
Searching for a companion that I hope one day to meet,
Alone I stand, trying to firmly grasp on the life that I can't seem to unmask,
I refuse to reveal my inner spirit,
In fear that those I love will someday hear it,
I remain behind this silenced figure, feeling somewhat like a mime,
but at last I have discovered that now's my redemption time.
Traveling along the narrow road,
I saw a woman walking alone,
She was swathed in a shining dress,
Staring at her, I knew she would soon be the key to my happiness,
She is my longed-for vaccine,
She is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen,
I have unlocked the door,
I've finally seen the light,
Love is the answer, love is the way,
Love is what has kept me fighting from day to day,
I have no worries, my sadness is gone away,
She has warmed my heart, it is no longer gray,
She is amazing, she means everything to me,
She's beyond perfect, and everything a woman wishes to be,
I'm glad I didn't give up,
I'm glad I put up a fight,
Or else I wouldn't be here with her tonight,
Gently wrapped in my arms,
Her body is warm,
She is what mended me when I was forever torn

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This Poems Story

My poem is about the never ending search in finding true love, even after your heart has been broken multiple times at the hands of people or the loss of loved ones. Being anchored down is also vital theme, whether you are tied down by a job, a relationship, or anything, there is always time to find your soulmate. When you find your soulmate, you experience an overwhelming feeling of happiness.