The War

So long to endure all the criticism of shallow society
But the war goes on
Sometimes the lines bend and even break
We loose sight of who is our enemy and our allies
And we are to scared to fight back
So we fight ourselves
Fighting with blades and flames
Words cutting through us like bullets
Boys and girls all on the same side
Fighting the same war and yet still feel alone
Stupid, Fag, Ugly Repeated over and over
Till finally they drop the glass and it shatters
Staining in the crevasses of the bathroom floor
Our spirits slowly broken
And we envy those who can find joy in opening their eyes
In walking to school and socializing with others
While we are stuck repeating the same days over and over
Day after agonizing day
Year after agonizing year
Yet we still had something
We had some reason that we kept going
We can fight a million battles
But this is one you can win because you can only loose
If you stop fighting.

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