The War

I am no soldier.
But I am at war.
Not with flesh or metal but with words I battle, with ideas not facts, I act composed and certain but pulling
back the curtain you'll find not a wizard with levers but a pot and a kettle hoping for release.

I am at war.
So I've turned into a soldier.
In a squad alone I have no companions, in the battlefield of mine I am abandoned.
As the bombs fall I lay in the lies, because the dictator is I.

Me is where this war takes place, I attempted to plead my case but my own ears were ringing.
There is no winning, this solitary war of mine, there's only surviving the endless front lines.

I'm always at war.
So I'll always be a soldier.

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This Poems Story

I suffer from anxiety and depression so a lot my writing stems from that. The War is pretty self explanatory, it symbolizes the day to day struggle of someone with mental illness.