The War That Everyone Lost

We were going to war
How proud we were
We were going to war
How loud we were
People cheering as we walked on by
Strange that no one did cry
We dreamt of glory and honorable fame
But all we saw was gory, unforgiving pain
Deep in the trenches was where we slept
The same place where the bodies were kept
The rats ate our food but I didn't care
All I needed was something to fill my despair
It was not fun, this was not grand
It was not at all what we planned
It was a new type of war
A war that tore
Tore from the body and tore from the heart
It ripped many men's souls apart
We tried to stay positive
In a world full of negative
I saw a man one day
I did not see him the next
I killed a man one day
And my comrades killed the rest
It is strange to think we are fighting for our country
While we kill a man because he is fighting for his country

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