The Warning

Here, take it. Take it in your hand and watch.
A firework, you can hold it and right in front of your face,
you can see the beautiful light.
Wait wait, before I hand it to you I need you to know...
This firework will explode. But not till much later.
You will have many many beautiful years to watch it and hold it.
But it will explode.
I still want it! Reach out, give it to me!!
I hold the firework and its beauty entrances me.
The red sparks mix with the yellow and my eyes are blurry.
It makes me feel warm inside
and in that moment I forget it will explode.
I forget for years.
I even get a little used to its beauty and I start to look past it.
Its in my hand and I feel it but I am no longer entranced.
Then I see the yellow flares are fading, it catches my attention.
I take it to the man who gave me the firework and i say, its fading!
He looks down and says, I know, I told you this would happen,
I told you it would one day explode, after the many years of beauty.
But thats not fair i reply.
No its not, but it is what you knew when you first saw the sparks.
I look at my hand and I sob, I didn't know it would happen that fast.
It takes my hand with the explosion and its painful.
I cant remember its beauty I can only feel hurt.
Deep deep pain.
Why would anyone do this?
The man offers me a new firework, and I take it,
The beginning and the end.

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