The Warning

I have a yearning burning dire desire, a stern warning,
a message from my own life's trenches festering deep
within me. Being contrite this is an attempt to make it
right. Pay attention to this tale for it will suit you
well. Living life on the fast track loud and proud is
quite euphoric, tantalizing, mesmerizing, with no care
to bare, it lured me in deep into sin. What follows the
vicious inner battle that shackles you down. Before I
knew it a power not foreseen had taken over me. I'm
tired I retire from this life of strife, jail, bail,
lockdowns and shakedowns. Gripped torn apart by my
struggle rising from the rubble, it's absolute madness
and sadness, pure insanity, calamity, putting up a
front just to confront. Incredibly vexed as to why
anyone would want to live so complex. Strive to do
right, please take heed to this advice and make a
diligent stand to be all you can. My seasoned ripe
gripe, derives from real life stripes. Take heed to
this advice it's a stern warning before your left in
mourning, this is the warning.

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