The Warrior

I begin to walk slowly down the decline
the brisk afternoon air brushes across my face
I am fully Awake.
My body filled with content
each step is another step
towards the massive incline that lies ahead.
My heart begins to race
faster and faster
until it feels as though it will burst!
Out of my chest and onto the ground below!
I fall to my knees in agony.
What is this? This unbearable feeling of emptiness
this uncontrollable emotion that burns inside us all.
I feel tears well up behind my eyes
and the liquid drips down my face.
It falls and soaks into the forest floor beneath
my feat.
I place one lonesome hand on my knee
and stand
I wipe the tears from my face
I trudge forward with courage and truth and trust.
With an incredible willingness to follow.
Without eyes to see
only ears to listen, to the sweet sounds
that pour gently into my mind
one step and then another
each one growing increasingly more difficult
I have yet to reach the summit
for this is an ageless quest
I pray that one day I will stand at the top of this great mountain,
and scream your name in victory!

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