The Watermelon Rind

I was stopped at a traffic light,
near an old abandoned gas station late one evening.
On an old top of an advertising sign,
was a browned and withering watermelon rind.
A section big enough for one person to enjoy,
while the sun beat down on them.
The watermelon rind had also been scorched by the sun.
It seemed a lonely, abandoned item.
I wondered who had left it there?
Was it some kid coming home from a summer picnic?
Maybe he had been done with the SWeet treat inside the rind,
and left it there.
He had abandoned it without a thought before he crossed the street.
Maybe it was an old man,
who had sold the watermelons in the parking lot.
At noon the slice had been refreshing in the midday sun.
His hands trembled,
some as he held the cool refresher to his toothless mouth.
He set the empty rind down forgotten,
as a customer came to buy his produce.
Maybe it was two buddies,
seeing each other on the road pulled over to chat.
One had the watermelon and the other a pocket knife.
The shared their snack together as they caught up.
One set his down casually without thinking,
as him and his buddy traded stories.
They drove off to leave the watermelon rind to bake in the sun.
I watch the watermelon rind until the light turns green
Then I too abandoned the watermelon rind to the cool evening air.

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