Wave of Romantic Desire

Erase the mark of unwise reason from my mind
Let years of smoke leave my smile unkind
Let natural beauty leave yours divine
Let the scars in our past
Become the same
Because no one is to blame

Melt away the many layers
So our souls are free in air
To float through the many stares
And echo cries of joy through everything
That once brought us suffering

Put a drain in my flooded mind
Where few bits of happiness float around
Trying to survive erratic waves
Before spilling over to be lost and blind

Convince me that somehow you can save me
Because you mean more to me
Than meaning itself

The few moments we share together
Repeat them for my whole existence
It would be better spent in your presence
Than in my own

Set free the chained dogs of feeling
That bark and howl in my mind
For as long as I've been living
Let me weep and sleep with ease
As they run into the trees

And dig forever through apathetic exteriors
Beneath the theater house of my actions
Under the deepest trench of the deepest sea
To where unconditional love lies
Where my past passes me
And my life outlives me

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This Poems Story

Desire often comes in philosophical waves such as the one I describe in this poem.