The waves that fill our souls

The wave move forward as the screams pierce your ears "try" they say "you've got this" but, suddenly the wave grabs you and pulls you under. No scream comes from your mouth because your used to the felling of the cold, salty water sinking into your soul. you are speechless because the words you say never matter and you have just stopped saying them. The water chokes your breath and makes innocent tears fall from your shattered eyes. You lie there as though you are dead you dont get up because "will it matter." A voice in your head encourages you but, a louder piercing voice tells you to "give up" chocking out the sweet calming voice. You lift your head up and stare at the world of opportunity. your foot leaves a print in the warm sand as you walk forward.

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This Poems Story

I have been through a very hard time with my mental heath. this poem uses the word "you" so that it can be relatable. this is an awful feeling to have but, many people have it.