the way.

By xineohp   

-i am the watcher
my job is to watch
from the crowning of birth
to adolescent hopscotch

and when you dream
yes, i'm watching then too
when you received your cap
i was clapping for you

i watched your flowery face
be lifted by man
i couldn't protect you then
it is not i who makes plans

no, i only watch
with no power at all
and when you wandered too far
i had to watch you fall

i watched the Reaper collect you
as you were some twisted prize
the Reaper flew looming
and i watched the light leave your eyes-

-i am the reaper
my job is to reap
please don't try to flee from me
i'll have to get you in your sleep

my role is not joyful
but it must be done
people become bodies
until this war is won

sometimes people fight me
they scream and curse my name
but if they were born the reaper
they would have to do the same

i wish for connection
but yes, i know
everyone i get close to
will just have to go

true i'm not the giver
i only take away
my existence is lonely
making everything decay-

-i am the giver
my job is to give
i supply all
as long as you live

the greatest of all
surely with the most power
to give love and happiness
to create every flower

i give fields of green
a grin to a child's face
and if you need it surely
i can give you some space

yes i can give anything
to help all make do
i give gifts of great galore
i give other things too

disease, yes, and poverty
broken bones and deadly fire
oh yes those little nasty things
i deliver when i desire-

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