The Way He Made You Feel

I promised them I wouldn't go, wouldn't go back.
To a the sorrow hurt, promises broken.
The time wasted, time passed reminded me of why I left.
This is for the broken hearted.
The ones that promised themselves they wouldn't dare
look back into the darkness, the ones who fell all
over again. Even after they all told you that you were
stupid for liking him in the first place. That you were
stupid for all the time you wasted and the feelings you
And it just left you wondering...
Why, why would you put yourself through that all over
again. When you knew you couldn't handle it.
Was it because you thought things would be different?
You thought you could make it through a second, third,
or fourth time?
Or maybe it was the butterflies in your stomach, how
your heart race quickens and how he made you feel.
Bet you wish you could take it all back right?
Or maybe not.

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