The Way I Are

Acusations are complete...
Asupmtions are complete...
Let them think what they want.
Let them think what they want.

No one knows how I feel.
How I truly, mentally feel.
They skip right past the heartache,
Like I dont even have a heart.
Its hard to breathe.
My lungs struggle to take in each breath.
Soon, they'll collapse.
My heart tremors,skips beats,bleeding,screaming all at once.
The torment, the torture, the agony, the pain.
It's all too much!
I keep to myself,im independent all on my own.
Still somehow, it follows me.
The screams, the nightmares.
Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Im surrounded!
How can I brake free? How can I be me?
Without judgement?, without drama?, just me.
I move on hopefully with no bystanders,no civilains, just my shadow.
It thunders, it rains, I love it!
My only escape to drown out everything else.
I need my life back! I need myself back!
Stop underestamating me! Thats not who I am!
Stop douting me! Im alot stronger!
I am who I am, except me!
Or I shall perish and drown forever.

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