The way I feel.

Im sitting in the corner looking at everyone wondering
Why everyone around me looks so perfect While i'm sitting there thinking of myself
Whats wrong with me Why am i alive i wasn’t meant to be
No one looks at me and says i'm pretty or cute
Instead people say i'm ugly and fat and don’t deserve to live
I just wish i could disappear especially when i look in the mirror
I'm disgusted and hurt why would god make me this way
If only i could talk to god and say
Why why why why did u do this to me What have i done to make u hate me
I know i'm ugly i know i fat I wear a hat to cover my face
Sometimes i wear lace to make myself feel pretty
But deep down inside i'm nothing
Everyone hurts me in some kind of way
And every time someone hurts me i turn away
I don't fight back nor stand up for myself
I know that i deserve it while someone is chucking things at me and hitting me
They laugh and smile while i sit there for a while bleeding out
I feel my end coming near While no one looks or hears
I sit there slowly dying wishing i was already dead
The grass that i'm bleeding in has already made me a bed I sit there and stare at the stars
Hopefully it ends soon while i stare at the moon My last breaths are here
In and out i count my breaths they slowly get quieter
Until there is nothing there and the life i had to bear is no longer there
My heart stops my breath stops and i'm gone
Hey guess what so long No one cared no one shared no one talked to me
I know it's my fault i'm sorry for being born But when everyone else wakes up in the morn
I won't be there as no one ever comes to my grave and tells me there prayers
Everyone plays and no one cares I knew i was right i was all alone
There is no more pain i'm just a stain I'm sorry for ever being born
Its sad that i will not see the morn But like i said no one cares
I may not be alive or living on earth But i’m in an empty space that i deserve to be in
And my whole life was a sin And until i see u again
Goodbye everyone you are happier as i see, i'm sorry world
this wasn’t meant to be.

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