The Way I see It. You’re the “1”

The Way I see It. You're the "1"

The way I see it you’re the one I want,
to protect from the world’s greatest harms.
The one that deserves to be passionately embraced,
by qualified confident, and strong arms.

The one with whom goals and dreams are,
pursued with a heartfelt desire.

The one that has the ability to make me crave,
to take our love higher and higher.

The one that on every God-given day I will attempt to make
feel the pleasure of being whole.

The one with whom there will be a mutual sharing,
of what we feel in our souls.

The one with whom I can create memories to be,
treasured for forever and a day.

The one that to my last breath I will never betray.

The way I see it, you’re the one and the only one,
without ever losing my stride.

So how do I see it, You’re the “1”

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