The Way It Used to Be

I saw you standing there
I couldn't dodge your gaze
And as all the memories came flooding back
I recalled those happy days

You standing there in front of me
With a bouquet in your hand
It was then that I decided
I wanted you to be my man

A couple years on down the road
Down south in Tennessee
A photo booth, with old time props
And me there on your knee

Fast forward through, a moment more
I remember quite the spot
On top that hill, down on one knee
I answered, while cows watched

That takes me out, about 6 months
My daddy by my side
We marched right down that aisle
As I became your bride

As years went on, and days passed by
Things began to change
We took our love for granted
And started playing games

One day the games came to an end
And we walked our separate ways
We said goodbye, and we both cried
As we drove away

Oh what I would give
To from this guilt be free
To reunite with my best friend
And the way it used to be

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This Poems Story

This poem is about myself and my ex-husband, that to-this-day, I still have not gotten over. The really sad part? Neither has he. However, we have both moved on, which causes major emotional complications. Yet still, through all of these emotional struggles, I sit back and reminisce on all of the amazing times we had together. The 1st stanza is in reference to a meeting that our workplaces had together, just a few days ago. I was left awkwardly staring in to his eyes, as he walked through the door. Neither of us realized that the other would be there. Seeing him there, brought back this flood of memories, that seemed like they were just yesterday. The moment was awkward, but the memories made me smile. The 2nd stanza refers to our first date; when he came to pick me up from my parent's house. He came carrying flowers to give me. The 3rd stanza refers to our 1st trip together. We went to Pigeon Forge, TN and had those "Old-Time Photos" taken. We had to hide them from my parents, due to the suggestiveness. The 4th stanza refers to our engagement. It took place at my favorite spot on the farm. A hilltop that allowed me to see for miles. And the cows? When he got down on his knee, 20+ cows (a huge part of his life) coincidentally gathered in a circle around us. The 5th stanza obviously refers to our wedding day. The remainder of the poem refers to our marriage falling apart, and us giving up too soon; with an agreement for divorce, which leads us back to the beginning of the poem.