The way they love and leave

Know that it will last.
That it will take time to heal the pain transferred in every glance.
You will feel every touch,
You will hear every inflection of his voice.
The way you traced his trembling lips will make its way into your memory.
you will remember the taste and timing of the last kiss you shared.
And it will hurt.

When he leaves you with nothing left but recollections of love trapped in the images of dreams.
Know that it is only a moment.
That your heart will tumble into the hands of other men and will form in the shape they choose to carry it in.
It will be reshaped and reshaped but it will remain yours.
It will feel like your heart has abandoned you.
Like it has missing pieces and holes;
Know that you do not have to fill them.
That it is as whole as it was at the beginning.

When you endure the reminiscence of reaped nostalgia
Know that the truth is not imbedded underneath closed eyes, it is when they are open.
Know that the truth is
love is not a lock and key.
It is not padlock pain.
It is every bit as human;
Every bit as happy.

When the hurt shatters over you
Know that it will
But take comfort in that it is not the end.
When he loves then leaves
Know that it will will last,
Know that it will hurt,
Know that it will heal.

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