The Way Things Are

The Way Things Are

Screw this; this government,
Has been screwing us too long,
The martyrs of the past,
Can see the days growing ever-long,
Every single being, in the world,
Is being treated like pawns,
I could have let this go,
But Revolution will come before long,
No more motivation,
But the money comes from your siren song,
No more invasion of privacy,
Do you want to see what we have to say?
Don’t ask, but just look,
Isn’t that the shit that you’re doing anyway?

So what will you have to say, Mr. President,
When you have a gun held to your head?
What will you do, when you are quaking in your boots,
Crying because your children are dead?
And please forgive me if this sounds like a threat,
I’m only disappointed to the point of dread,
The way you’ve treated my people,
It’s like our clothes are undone, your fingers on the threads,
Everything you’ve promised is unwinding,
Your hair is going gray with dread,
I cannot believe you cranked down on our guns,
The same ones that started this stead,
Give it back; for all you know,
The people and our soldiers could be making a stand,
Shoulder to shoulder and against a common enemy,
The enemy of my enemy as my friend,

So what will you do when Revolution comes to your door?
When everything that you know and love and have worked for,
Comes under fire from the people that once supported you,
They used to have your back, now they see what you do,
And shake their heads asking themselves why they voted for you,
When they thought you were going to do right by them,
Instead you fucked them over, played them like you’re Red Rover,
Laughing in their faces when they ended up getting stuck eating Stouffer’s,
Is this what you want? Do you like people bending over backwards for you?
You say we will move forward, but is it code for “lean forward”?
Yup, that’s what I’m saying; you raped our minds into thinking that you were our savior,
The chosen one, slated to warm the frozen ones,
But then you go and flip-flop your behavior,
So I see, sir, and it is so plain to see,
You want to be king of a nation that is supposed to be free,
But we won’t have it, for Revolution is in the air I believe,

Now listen here, see, I’m about to be frank,
The time is now to start gathering ranks,
The oppression of the government wants us to make the pussies stink,
It don’t matter what they think, he’s still going to build his shark tank,
And then he’s going to throw us in it,
And sit back with a cigarette and smile while we’re done in,
Prey, left to fend for ourselves in an ocean of lies,
But no longer will we stand for this, we’ll turn around and make it your demise,
And if you want to lock me up, go right the fuck ahead and find me,
I’ll fight blood for blood, telling people that I’m going to die for thee,
So motherfucker come try me, I dare ye,
I know you’re too much of a pussy to pull the trigger; you’d rather spare me,
You would want me to stay alive and surrender peacefully,
And you shudder to think what I’ll say next when I open my mouth willfully,
Then spray the truth like skunk scent; so filthily,
That it pisses you off and that in turn makes you act out, a little off,

But what I’m trying to say,
Is that you could have gone about things differently up to this point,
And I know Syria has our nerves on point,
And you, willing to air-strike the joint,
Before they do anything to further get our noses out of joint,
And you best read carefully, from here on out,
Because my thinking is, trip up too many times and you could get kicked out,
And before you start to scream, shout and pout,
Don’t be offended, I’m not trying to chew you out,
I just want to be honest about how things could go down,
Stepping on the crack could break your momma’s back and your princesses’ crowns,
What we need is straight diplomacy, so talk with the UN,
Get Al-Assad to quit,
Then get those chemical weapons destroyed because of an agreement so no war will hit,
If not, then shit could pop off like it’s a gun hammer,
Hah, just look at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare; it’ll make you stammer,

And one more thing I got to warn you about,
Where are you going to be when war decides to break out in your own backyard?
And your wife… and your daughters… have to look out the window at it,
Tears streaming down their faces and you have to keep looking at it,
They’ll be screaming “Daddy, help!” when all you can do is hold them,
Helpless while you watch your country slip from your grasp,
And I hope you don’t mind if I ask the question that’s on everyone’s mind,
Are you out of yours?
It seems so since your dead scared of guns but not of sending people to use them,
People kill people, but people also direct people to kill people, which is how a bad organization sends,
A so-called “good message” to the people that blindly follow,
They see their own views which make their facts hollow,
And they don’t have the mental capacity to step back from the big picture,
And neither do you; it’s like ice without a pitcher,
And I know people are going to see me as a monster and a wigger,
But I’m not worried, their words are bites that hurt but are as harmless as a chigger’s,

Now let me shed some more light on our future,
I see blood all around and men and women and children with sutures,
Limbs lying in the streets and all the malls of our nation,
Bloody tense and scary like the Kenya situation,
But even more so, just look at what happened in Boston,
Add in 9/11, Aurora, Columbine, Sandy Hook and then,
Set a fire under that and bring it all to a boil,
Then let it spill over like the Mexican Gulf covered in oil,
Bombs going off like Katrina and Ivan making love,
A splurge of fire that’ll make deep-fried mourning doves,
Our cities will be burning and children crying,
You think Sandy Hook was bad? Imagine all the schools of the nation dying,
So much fire and heated shit remains to be seen,
And frankly you can’t stop it; human nature is on the scene,
So rather than be too fucking careful about it,
Just call me up on the telephone so we can talk about it,

If not though, if you choose to talk to the nation,
Try to get the people to agree on my incarceration
Just remember motherfucker, all I really want to do is talk,
Speak out against the way you talk you power and walk,
I need to remind you of what is in the constitution,
Free speech the right to bear arms and not be in an institution,
Not for the arms but for my mouth; speaking up,
Trying to get the world to stop being scared, thus,
Looking around at the whole of this nation,
Both sides are turning against you, man,
They’re looking for someone with the guts and a voice to take a stand,
Well I am here to tell you all that I’ve arrived to take it,
I’m about to harness the system as it works,
Use it to get up my reputation, so tell me, what’s worse?
Being a murderer or a coward? I know it’s a choice that you need to make,
Every single day is a balancing act, and trust me, I know how it feels,

So I’m going to end this with a description of my motives,
The conflict in the nation is a bloodless civil war the way it’s been noted,
Even simple issues like the way men and women think,
Makes this nature teeter-totter closer to the brink,
Almost going at each others’ throats with our fangs and claws out,
It’s almost like a war has been started but nobody’s bleeding out,
Not yet, those that don’t believe me will go “Hell naw,”
But I ask of y’all, what is going to happen when the country gets the call?
“Holy shit, blood is running through the streets of D.C.” maybe,
Maybe Philly too; right now it’s just a brain baby,
A movie script on paper but it’s close to reality,
For now, let us look straight past all the formalities,
Get down to the nitty gritty of it all, and stand tall,
People better straighten their backs for they’re against the wall,
Because as divided as this country is,
We might as well go back to 1856,

Fight over this, then king me like it’s 666,
Because I know that you know and I’ll let you know that I know,
War can get sadistic; the devil’s in the specifics,
Every detail; scrutinized by the government so they can win this,
And I understand that national security is a concern,
And you’re way too distracted by your “red line” to hear me in turn,
But when you cross the red line of the people you might get burned,
Then everyone could see the epic downfall of the second term,
Oh yeah, I forgot that I said that I would end this,
Something else came up, so I’m not done yet, bitch,
It’s time to point out every little glitch,
Every single mistake you’ve made up to this point and why we stick with it,
You let your beliefs come out of the closet saying that gays should be allowed to marry,
But that was years ago and you ain’t done shit to make it carry,
Dude, you could have made an amendment to the constitution,
Instead you fucked with the one that can help us make a solution,

So second, you mess with our guns and choke the regulations,
All as an emotional response to the Sandy Hook heard ‘round the nation,
For me it’s like “about damn time” and look at columbine,
The O.K.C. bombing and Aurora; they happen all the time,
And will continue, until our sun dies,
What I’m saying is that you can slow it but you can’t stop it,
I know man, I know, I wish I could too,
But the reality of human nature? We’re definitely a crude brood,
Everything we’ve built, and everything we take for granted,
Fucking exists because of bloodshed to renovate and re-create the semantics,
Even your gauntlet of security stands because of those antics,
And because of that, every time America is struck we get frantic,
Which is because what happens overseas is abnormal if it happens over here and vice versa,
This whole thing with the government shutdown could make us all hurt,
Not just as Americans but this whole world,
You’ll open up Pandora’s Box if that ends up unfurled,

So fucking look at Malala, it’s common people like that,
Who can inspire the world and they don’t even have to write a poem or rap,
They just need to cause a stir in the media,
Then the tornado of society will take over and spin it until it’s out of control,
Leaving destruction in its wake along with the required toll,
And now that the government has hit the self-destruct button,
I’ll ask all the people, where you will be,
When this government starts running out of its own funding,
And breaks down into a bunch of colonies like the days of old,
When someone other than our own made us do what we’re told,
It started a revolution, and it started off feeble,
But came on strong and united all people,
All over one thing, one will, to be free,
From the grip of the snake constricting them until it stings,
It stung for too long, these days it’s the same sting,
That’s going to make sure we the people overthrow everything,

So I shall say, folks; no matter how you live your life,
What color of the rainbow you are don’t mean shit at might,
Now that the government’s lights have gone out,
We’re shocked, too much to cream, shout, or even pout,
But there is something we can do that I happen to know all about,
Dig in your heels and stand strong in this cage bout,
For I don’t give a fuck if words, baseball bats, clubs or guns,
Come into play, this is war, no negotiations, so my treaty is thus,
Figure shit out, or we are going to knock your door down,
We will evict you and take you off your post and break your crown,
Pulling you to the ground with authority, and that ain’t no threat,
Nor is it a promise, it’s just the way things are so place your bets,
Who will they be following, sir? Me or you?
And I’ll end this with these last lines,
And inform anybody that reads this to the end that we are all equal,
No matter who you are or where you come from, we are all one people.

Thank you.

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