The way things use to be

I remember the way things use to be.
I was so happy no matter what
Then you came along and then he came
First, it was you, you asked me to play
You were so much younger than I
who was I to be afraid?

You said if I didn't let you, you would tell
so I screamed help stop
but it was all inside.
I couldn't tell who would listen to me
I was older you were younger
It's all my fault
I should have known better

From then fear to over
I hated those walls I hated that bed
I hated that girl the one in the
I started to heal piece by piece
but never the same.

Then he happened he tricked
me into a room.
He asked me a question I said no
he moved closer I ran away.
This time I saved myself.
I told everyone my pain and what had happened
Again nobody came, nobody listened.
I was officially never the same I closed
myself off from the world that day
I had to protect the few pieces that
were left.

I am in therapy now and
she knows about you she knows about him
I still will never tell but now
I can be happy again
And replace what you two once stole.

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