The Way You Were

Hair of golden brown,
Flowing smoothly down
Face of slender beauty,
Crimson lightly touched the cheeks ever so slightly
Ever when you were slightly shy,
Ever when you were touched by a guy
Lips of light red passion pressed against the skin,
Felt of velvet rubbing past my chin,
Arms that hugged to bring me in close,
To bring me in away from a world seemingly filled with sin
Hands with fingers stemming of the softest touch slowly moving,
Moving back and forth caressing my skin while soothing my soul
Legs of long slim sensuousness tangled with mine to form vines,
Vines of human flesh impassioning the likes of every thickening vein,
With every caress, and with every move
Feet caught in the moment like a camera caught capturing a picture,
A picture of the details alerting the moment it is being caught in
This is the way I remember you were,
Standing still, looking past all objects surrounding me,
Seeming as if I am looking through the clouds to a world only I know
All senses stir with just a single blur,
Flashing back,
This is the way I remember you were!

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