The Ways I Wish

When I call,
The voice on the other end should be calm.
No fear, no anxiety, & no concern.
Just a simple, “Hello?”
When I leave they shouldn’t fear my disappearance.
But know I will return sooner than later,
In one piece, and normal.
Friends should only be friends.
Not therapists, parents, & loan officers.
They shouldn’t be obligated.
My partners shouldn’t wear armor.
I shouldn’t be too soft, or too hard.
My mind shouldn’t be made of steel.
It shouldn’t keep everything out,
& everything in.
It should be open, but able to close.
Perfection shouldn't ever be a goal.
Perfection is never a possibility.
But instead, stable & functional.
So that my children & grandchildren,
Will have a story that did not end in tears.
That did not end in pity.
A story that did not end early,
But just began a little late.

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