It's clear to me
The web is anything but honesty
Years of looking for real love to come to be
Have taught me to look at what I can't see
For many have lost their integrity
No strength in their own natural ability
To build true love through honesty

Our moral values washed out to sea
I think we can all agree
The internet has hatched a new kind of seed
Giving birth to a brand new breed
Scammer's who are brought up on greed
Who care not who they hurt while they feed
Creating a false sense of security

Telling us what we want to hear
Making us believe we have nothing to fear
Majority of us blind to this kind of career
Believing that most people are sincere
We allow them close to what we hold so dear
Why do we risk letting them come so near

They cast their evil sins
Unaware that deceit lives where they begin
capturing all that matters deep within
when reality sets in
None of us come out of it with a big win
Embarrassed most of us unable to grin
How could we let such evil under our skin

Knowledge will always be king
True love is not just a thing
We must stay focused on what we sing
Common sense is what we all need to bring
To take the bite out of a scammer's sting
Finding a forever partner to come live the dream
True love worthy of a diamond ring

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When we are deceived through our hearts then it makes a new beginning harder to start.