The well wisher

Hi, are you in a wonder
Don't you know who is talking to you,
I am your earth. I know you forgot me,
but please listen to my story.

When I let you live on me,
You mashed me into ash.
When I let you use me,
You left me useless.

When I started crying,
You threw garbage into my tears.
I gave you many a chance,
But you did nothing to enhance.

I started feeling bad,
But you were happy living on me.
I know you will kill me one day
Yet, I am not angry at you.
I waited for a moment of true realization in you.
I kept waiting that things will change
But you are the same, though years have changed.

Suddenly a surprise to you and me,
Within a moment I started becoming clean.
Seeing all this, I started getting happy tears.
I wondered, for now my tears were clean.
It made me feel happier.
I wondered if all of you have realised,
And was watching you and me carefully.
It was just a small virus which made this drastic change in me.
Imagine if all of your change, how much could all of you do and make me more beautiful and help me remain a friendly planet?

Leaving all of you with this thought.

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