The What Ifs

The what ifs, what was, and what could be’s are clouding my judgment a bit
Words not meant for enticement somehow have me reflecting
New thoughts projecting outward smiles effecting my whole mojo
Funny though, this is not where my minds tends to go, I’m usually in complete control
Childhood stories of all my glory and lies that were told
Figures though, when people don’t know you for you they assume the worst
So I guess being a Capricorn would be that elusive gift and a curse

Hmmmm interesting this feeling, after learning what she was concealing
So many years ago. Guess it’s safe to say so now, no harm no foul
Only thing is, that kind of information can lead to provocation for a guy like me
Those what if’s and what was, and what could be’s run rampant and free
Poetically and musically she moves me, all from an out of the blue conversation
Now I’m anxiously waiting for the next tempting vibration from my cell.
Oh well, I think I momentarily lost myself, forgive me for my wandering thoughts
I can be all over the place but still not lost. Just traveling an un-pathed road
To nowhere in particular, but definitely curious as to where this thing goes

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