The Whispering Pines

By Dale   

Leaning back on my chair, looking at the sky,
The soft blue color, with white clouds passing by.
Trees with needles, from branch to branch,
Some darker, some lighter, beauty to enhance.
My pulse at ease, my ears feel the breeze,
The Whispering Pines are speaking to me.

What is they say, that makes me at peace?
Could it be their texture, not like a leaf!
Maybe their tree height, measuring far in the sky,
Could it be massive needles, I just dont know why?
Sun peeking through the silhouettes, is what I see,
The Whispering Pines are speaking to me.

Pleasant thoughts stream in my head, brings a smile,
Life with many twists and turns, time to enjoy for a while.
If only I could share these moment's that I feel,
The motion of the pines, makes life so surreal.
We all need this time to reflect, you see!
The Whispering Pines are speaking to me.

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Key Words : Whispering,needles,reflect

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This Poems Story

I wrote this while vacationing in Pinetop AZ with my wife while sitting on our deck..