The White Tree

Summer is a time of joy and happiness.
As the sun hits your cool white skin,
you feel a tingly sensation
flowing throughout your body,
keeping you warm.
You skip through a big field of flowers,
only to find a white lonely tree in the middle of it all.
As you walk over to it,
you see a little wooden swing with your name on it.
Up and down, up and down, you go
as everything darkens around you,
and the breeze hits your face.
When you get off,
you are no longer home.
As you run back to the field,
you hear somebody calling your name.
You follow the voice to a hole by the tree,
only to find dead bodies everywhere.
You scream and run,
but it's too late.
The branches come out and pull you back,
and down the hole you go.
Did I ever tell you about the death tree?

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