The Whole Nirvana Crew

when I show up at your door stoop asking for some sympathy,
give me your empathy.
because I've been hurt before,
and I know what it's like to have wanted to off it like Kurt before.
And I know what it's like to be the Grohl of the situation,
having to move on once your best friend is gone.
And I know what it's like to be Francis,
a young kid without a father.
And Courtney too, offing someone without accusation,
with no word of cessation.
and the fans too, losing someone you've never really met,
but you where their biggest fan.
and then they where gone -- BANG!
and your life is in shambles,
the person that made your life's music sing is dead.
gaping hole in their head, their wife not even wed.
and now he's-- I'm on my death bed.
feeling like Kurt and Dave and Francis and Courtney,
just a little slim shorty.
and the causer of all this lives inside my head,
screaming putrid words in my mind, running ragged all the time.

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