The Wild Flower

I was a weary wildflower, living on what I had.
No one looked after me when the times got bad.
I was tested and tormented almost every day. Is this what is normal?
Is this really the way? It's all I've ever known so I guess it's okay.
I wanted to be beautiful, I wanted to stand out,
make someone happy and enjoy my bout. But the searing heat,
the trampling feet, the winds, the rains. It was all so unbearable,
it was crazy, insane. I tried to stand up and I tried to be proud,
I tried so hard but I didn't know how.
The bitter weeds around me, they seemed to say,
join us my friend we'll show you the way.
But they used me and abused me in such a wicked way.
I didn't know how bad they were until my dying day.
They brought me down and kept me down because they were afraid.
I could have blossomed and I could have bloomed
but I threw it all away. But don't despair,
I left my seed to brighten up your day.
So when you see a wildflower, know that I'm okay.

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