The Willow

If your eyes rest upon the hill
What you shall perceive is the Willow tree
Whose leaves shadow the earth and all upon it
Beneath the boy with the book and the words written on it

Fair-toned is the boy due to the Willow
Dead is the grass that grew before it
It does not mind for the Willow is well
Likewise is he returning without farewell

The Willow depends on the boy's strength
For her soil is poor and her water none
The boy brings a pail full
Every day at the set of the sun

One day the Willow will perish
A seed of a child shall fall
The boy will not climb the hill with a book
Rather a hatchet and a maul

To this day the Willow is robust
I read to it up on the hill
If you care to join us you may
Share our empathy you never will

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