The Willow and the Wind

Two voices incandescent and melancholy echo through the end of night
I wandered to the source and took in a tragic site
At first all I saw was a willow tree caressed by a breeze
Then I saw a man in silver and a lady dressed in green
Dancing to their solemn song in unworldly grace
Tears shone like fallen stars upon each timeless face
I heard the silver man speak
“I will return to thee my love on an autumn eve”
“Until that day I will dwell here and forever grieve”
She replied as he kissed her cheek
Then the man leapt into the air
Leaving the trembling emerald form standing silent there
As he bound by oath since the beginning of time
To journey the world until the last day of Autumn's chime
While he left her arms he would ever sing
Giving music and beauty to everyone beneath his wings
While the willow tree did slowly age
Imprisoned in her harsh earth-made cage
Never to join her beloved in her long life
His absence an injury as keen as a knife
Until one day he left her and when he did return
He found her once enchanting body lamented and burned
Oh she had cried his name on that flamed filled day
But there had been no Wind to blow the fire away
He howled in madness and agonizing pain
Crashing trees and summoning rain
The fabric of his spirit pulled apart
Forever capricious because of his broken heart
From his deep depression and remembrance he would never bend
For such was the tragedy of the willow and the wind

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